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DMR LTE Waterproof Unlimited Muti-Platform control center repeater

Model Number:TR-DR700+LTE (DMR+LTE)


Product Origin:Quanzhou

Type:DMR LTE Repeater



DMR LTE Waterproof Unlimited Muti-Platform control center repeater

Main Features

• 16 Channel Zone(256 Digital,256 Analog)

• Language Selection

• 3.5'' big & colorful TFT display

• Profile options

• Keytone Control

• Backlight Control

• Scan

• High/Low Power

• Zone Setting

• Display Mode

• Support sim card LTE , muti platform as Real PTT, Cloud, R-chat

• DMR to LTE unlimited talking range 

Digital Features

• Group call


• Contact

• Call Log

Analog Features



Model TR-DR700+LTE
FrequencyRange 400-470MHZ 136-174MHZ
Channel Zone 16
Total Channel Capacity (512) 256 (Analog) ; 256 (Digital)
Typical RF output 25-40W 25-50W
Measurement(H*W*D) 88*483*366mm
 Voltage demand 100-240 VAC ( 13.6 VDC )
Weight 14kg
Current consumption:
 Standby Transmitting
1.0A (100VAC), 0.5A (240 VAC) 
4.0A (100VAC), 1.8A (240 VAC)
Working temperature -30℃ + 60℃
Max work cycle 100%
 FCC description ABZ99FT4025 ABZ99FT3025

Frequency 400-480MHZ 136-174MHZ
Channel Spacing 12.5kHz /25kHZ
Frequency Stability (-20℃,+60℃,+25℃) + / - 0.5ppm
Analog Sensitivity 0.35uV (20 dB SINAD) ; 0.25uV (12 dB SINAD) ; 0.2uV (Typical)
Digital Sensitivity (5% BER) 0.3uV
Intermodulation TIA603C ETS 75dB ; 70dB
Adjacent Channel Selectivity 60dB@12.5kHz / 70dB@25kHz
Spurious Rejection TIA603C ETS 75dB 70dB ; 80dB 70dB
Audio Distortion @Rated Audio 3% ( Typical )
FM Hum & Noise -40dB @12.5kHz / -45dB @25kHz
Audio Response +1,-3dB
Conducted /Radiated Emission -57dBm

Frequency 400-470MHZ 136-174MHZ
Channel Spacing 12.5kHz /25kHZ
Frequency Stability (-20℃,+60℃,+25℃) + / - 1.5ppm (XiR M8260) ;  + / - 0.5ppm (XiR M8268)
RF output 25-40W  25-50W
Modulation Restriction ±2.5kHz@12.5kHz /±5kHz@25kHz
FM Hum & Noise -40dB @12.5kHz / -45dB @25kHz
Conducted /Radiated Emission -36dBm<1GHz / -30dBm>1GHz
Adjacent Channel Selectivity -60dB@12.5kHz / -65dB@25kHz
Audio Response +1,-3dB
Audio Distortion 3%
FM Modulation 12.5kHz: 11K0F3E ; 25kHz: 16K0F3E
4FSK Digital Modulation 12.5kHz Data: 7K60F1D & 7K60FXD ; 12.5kHz Audio: 7K60F1E & 7K60FXE ; 12.5kHz Data & Audio: 7K60F1W
Digital Vocoder AMBE+2 ™
Digital Agreement ETSI-TS102 361-1
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