We are a high-technology enterprise specializing in the R&D, production and sale of two way radio equipment for over thirty years


It is easy to build a private PoC system with thissystem we developed. No service fee required. butthe user owns the server and data completely. Only acomputer with Windows operating system and anetwork cable with fixed IP are required.

Intercommunication can be carried out anywherein the world as long as there is a mobile networksignal. The call distance is no longer limited bydistance.

The console system conveniently views the
geographical location of members and initiates acall. In addition to LTE products WLAN RADIO Q1s are also supported, And DMR radio also can be checked locations by Transmit to LTE-DR880UV or LTE-CDR700UV. providing customers with more choices

The system supports up to 1000 users, which
satisfies most of the business needs

Support the installation of servers on the cloudsaving cost of customers and management. Adetailed video tutorial helps to complete the serverinstallation in 10 minutes