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E-Mesh86UV SFR Repeater

  • Commodity name: E-Mesh86UV SFR Repeater
  • Model Number: E-Mesh86UV
  • Brand: Kydera
  • Product Origin: Quanzhou


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Detailed Introduction


Main Features

• Dual band DMR/Analog;
• 2.dual band & dual standby;
• With Same frequency repeater function;
• With 3000mAh battery for setting communication anywhere;
• Single frequency repeater with Ad Hoc Network;

¤ Application Scenarios: Suitable for use in rescue, emergency, public security, fire protection, mountains, forests, hotels,high-rise buildings, property management, railways, airports, security and other industries.

¤ Automatic Power Supply Mode Conversion:
● External rated direct current (DC): 12V
● External direct current (DC) wide voltage input: 12V~48V
● Built-in 10A polymer lithium battery; (optional) ¤ Main features:
● Compact size, easy to carry and move in emergency;
● SFR with free networking to facilitate emergency communication;
● Voice landing of speaker microphone;
● Be able to initiates a call by speaker microphone, easy to operate and use;
● The visual design of 1.8-inch TFT display makes the working status clear at a glance;
● External keyboard on speaker mic is convenient for flexible application and operation; ¤ Main application:
● Digital/analog UV dual band & dual standby;
● DMR UV dual-band single frequency repeater with Ad Hoc Network;
● DMR UV dual main/sub-band single frequency repeater;
● Conventional DMR/analog dual band & dual standby;

Public Functions
 4000 Channels / 16 Zones  Self-defined buttons
 UV dual-band, dual-standby  Menu Operation On/Off
 VFO mode  DMR/Analog detection simultaneously
DMR Functions  
 GPS (Optional)  Single frequency repeater
 Kill  20,000 groups
 Revive  Recording up to 200 hours
 Roaming  200,000+ contacts
 Emergency Alarm  250 RX group lists
 SMS  250 Scan lists
 Voice Encryption  AMBE+2™ Vocoder
 Remote Monitor  Private/Group/All Call
 Repeat/Talk Around  2,000 friend contacts
 2 time-slots in DMO  
Analog Functions
 CTCSS  SQ Level
 CDCSS  Monitor


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